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                  Guide Drum for safety belt set                                          Body for FM Portable Radio



               Head Cover for Oxygen pump                                               Heat sink for FM Base Unit



              Housing of Vacuum Comperssor                                                Body for Water pipeline                        



                        Heat Sink for Car audio                                                              Chassis Base assy            



             Flang machining for FAN of sever





                         Rotor for Car keys                                                          Bend  for Gutter system



                   Bracket for Gutter system

Plating & Anomizing


   Plastic Plating


                         Frame of Car Radio                                                           Front of Car Radio



                   Knop Ring of Car Radio                                                    Outer Frame of Car Radio          



                          Button of Car Raio                                                            CD Slot of Car Radio


   Zinc Plating


                        Haddle of Microwave                                                         Rotor of Car Keys



Drum ring for Camera's tripod



   Plastic Injection


                         Button of Car Radio                                                      LCD Badge of Digital Camera


Powder Coating


   Powder Coating


                                    Hydrant                                                                                      Hydrant


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